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Sand & Gravel

In order to give you a great start on choosing which product will best meet your needs, below we have provided photos of each of our products, along with a description of where they are most commonly used.


Mason Sand

Mason sand has multiple uses including infill between cracks of pavers, fill material, paver base, beach sand, sandbox material and acts as a leveling agent.


3/8 Sand

3/8″ Sand may also be known as bedding sand. This is a mixture of concrete grade sand and up to some 3/8” round rocks.

Ideally used for lining smaller underground utilities and planter beds, or minor traction control on icy surfaces.


Item 4

Item #4 is a mixture of machine-separated stones measuring roughly the size of a golf ball, along with sand and dirt.

Ideally used for gravel parking areas, larger utility pipe linings, structural backfill material, and can be used for gravel driveways and roads.


Bank Run Gravel

Used as a base layer or filler in driveways and other areas due to the lower cost. No processing or modifications.  Just what mother nature left us.


1 1/2″ Crusher Run

1 ½” Crusher Run is made by taking all the leftover larger rocks from Making Item 4 and repeatedly crushing them to make the particles smaller and cleaner.

Ideal for roadways, driveway finishes and parking areas, to minimize muddy conditions.  Also a subbase to paved areas and concrete that need better drainage underneath.


9/16″ Crusher Run

9/16” Crusher Run is our most popular homeowners choice.  It is made by removing all the larger stones out of the 1 ½” Crusher Run for a better looking and easier to work with product.

Ideally used for finishing driveways with a more aesthetically pleasing look, grading areas for concrete sidewalks and patio pavers areas.  Easy to rake and shovel and gentle to walk on with bare feet!


Crushed Stone #1

is the smallest of the crushed stone grades we offer. Includes stone between 1/2” to 1” in size.


Crushed Stone #2

is larger than #1. Generally between 1” and 2” in sizes.

Both are ideally used for….Drainage around pipes, foundations, and along with our Crushed #1 stone, both can even be used as very low maintenance option to mulch for landscaped planter areas that will never fade.


Crushed Stone (1&2 Mixed)

Mixture of Crushed Stone #1 and #2.

Ideally used for….same as items listed for Crushed Stone #1 and Crushed Stone #2 depending on preferences for look and workability.


Crushed Stone #3 and #4

#3 and #4 stones mixed, range from a baseball size up to a softball size. Ideally used for stabilized commercial entrances for construction sites or logging operations laydown areas.  Also used in gravel roadways to harden softer muddy areas.


Screened Topsoil

Consistent particle size with fine soil. Ideally used for lawn repairs and raised vegetable garden beds or planting areas.


Unscreened Topsoil

Large and small soil particles with a coarse consistency. Ideally used for larger planting areas that don’t mind having rocks mixed within.


Sand & Gravel


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